Sci-Lab has the capabilities to perform both Industry Standard and Customer Specific tests.
  Please call or fax us with your request and we will respond  
  with the diligence and professionalism you would expect of such an established and dynamic testing facility.  
  Toll Free: 1-888-4SCI-LAB
Fax: 519-895-00538

  • Instrumented High Speed Impact Testing

  • Step Stress and Power Temperature Cycling

  • Full Function Data Acquisition With High Speed I/O

  • Impact/Shock and Vibration With Integrated Agree Chamber

  • Fully Correlated High Pressure Cleaner and Thermal Shock

  • Robotic Durability at Extreme Temperature/Humidity

  • Rapid In-Car Fixturing For Position Durability and Environmental Testing

  • RF Shielded Anachoic Chamber

  • Facilities Expansion .... COMING SOON!

  • Materials Testing
  • Product Durability & Functionality
  • Environmental/Stress Testing
  • Material & Product R & D
  • Strict Client and Product Confidentiality
  • Forensics/Material Failure Investigations
  • Advanced Information/Data Systems
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