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Sci-Lab Materials Testing Inc. is a dynamic and technically diverse independent testing laboratory that provides a broad spectrum of testing services for all facets of industry. In a competitive and aggressive market, Sci-Lab offers both inexpensive routine and advanced materials testing with a commitment to excellence in quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Formally recognized by automotive, electronics, military and aerospace OEM's, Sci-Lab can perform routine and customer specific tests for functionality, durability and material properties. With an international accreditation and quality system, Sci-Lab provides accurate and reliable test data for your product development and validation testing requirements.

Strategically located in Kitchener's Huron Business Park, Sci-Lab Materials Testing Inc. provides materials testing, product validation and environmental stress and durability services for a variety of materials and components including: plastics, rubbers, metals, coatings, textiles, adhesives, fasteners, composites and chemicals.

Incorporated in 1990, Sci-Lab is celebrating it's 28th Year Anniversary of providing quality and excellence at a level our customers expect.  Sci-Lab's state-of-the-art operations offer fully integrated multi-disciplinary testing with comprehensive "multi-level" environmentally controlled facility that utilizes a leading edge Data Acquisition (DAQ) monitoring system.

  Maintain Excellence in Quality & Service through National Accreditation and Complete Customer Satisfaction  
    Provide Timely, Accurate, Impartial and Cost Effective Independent Materials Testing Services  
    Ensure Strict Client Client Confidentiality Through Secure Request Tracking and Sample and Document Disposal  
    Professional staff associated with the industry's best APEO, ASTM, SAE, Society of Physics, CIC, ASM, ASQ, CSChE  
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