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  Industrial & Consumer Electronics
  Failure Analysis
  Custom Test Design

Automotive Components
  Chemical and Thermal Analysis
  Environmental Simulation
  Physical & Mechanical Properties
  Electrical & Electronics
  Durability & Fatigue
  Vibration & Shock
Our broad range of capabilities allows you to use Sci-Lab Materials Testing Inc. as a single source for all your testing needs. From elemental analysis to environmental testing, we provide technical and development services that are cost-effective, timely and reliable. Take a look for yourself and see what Sci-Lab has to offer you!

  Maintain Excellence in Quality & Service through National Accreditation and Complete Customer Satisfaction  
    Provide Timely, Accurate, Impartial and Cost Effective Independent Materials Testing Services  
    Ensure Strict Client Client Confidentiality Through Secure Request Tracking and Sample and Document Disposal  
    Professional staff associated with the industry's best APEO, ASTM, SAE, Society of Physics, CIC, ASM, ASQ, CSChE  
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