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Corrosion Testing
  Simulated Environments
  Surface Property Testing

  Automotive Components
  Chemical & Thermal Analysis
  Physical & Mechanical Properties
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  Durability & Fatigue
  Vibration & Shock
Environmental Simulation &
 Accelerated Weather

Corrosion Testing

Accelerated Corrosion Salt Spray CASS
Corrodkote Cyclic Corrosion Filiform Corrosion
Scab Corrosion        

Simulated Environments

Environmental Cycling Oven Aging Fade-Ometer
Ozone Fogging QUV Exposure
Cyclic Corrosion Sunlamp Exposure Salt Spray
Thermal Shock Humidity Weather-Ometer

Surface Property Testing

Abrasion Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Specular Gloss
Cleanability Oil ⁄Gas Immersion Spot Test Acid, Water & Soap
Coating Thickness Paint Adhesion Taber Abrasion
Color Evaluation Perspiration Thumbnail Hardness
Crocking RCA Wear Water Immersion
Cure Test Scuff & Mar Wyzenbeek Wear
Dime Scrape Solvent & Detergent Resistance Flexibility
Gravelometer AATCE    
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